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Our houses are manufactured in the plant and delivered in the agreed condition to the Customer's plot. This process takes up to two months and the assembly itself is made within one day.

Choose the project that suits you and contact us - you will receive a detailed specification and a model contract.

The prices presented on the website refer to the house manufactured in the plant. Delivery and assembly are priced individually depending on the location where the house is to be built.

Our houses are manufactured individually for each Customer. Soon we will launch a configurator allowing to choose different finishing and home furnishing options.

Our houses are based on a frame construction made of Steico I-beams. The space between the beams is filled with thermal insulation.

In the Contact us tab, there is a contact form. Or you can just call.


Due to the fact that wood has the ability to self-regulate moisture and is diffuse open, it creates a specific microclimate inside the building, which cannot be obtained in other construction technologies. Anyone who has been in a wooden house at least once in their lives has had the opportunity to feel that there is a different, more pleasant atmosphere inside.

The advantage of building a wooden house over a brick one is much shorter construction time, because it can be built even within 2 months. Since, technological breaks needed in the case of brick houses are not necessary. Reducing the construction time has the advantage not only that we will move in it faster, but also that we will have to engage in it for a much shorter time.

A wooden house is characterised by very good thermal insulation, thanks to which in summer hot air does not enter it, and in winter it accumulates heat inside the rooms. Therefore, we can save on heating a wooden house, because we only heat the air inside it, and not, as in the case of a brick house, also its walls.

Beyond earthworks related to making foundations, wooden houses can be built throughout the year, also in winter. Although the technologies currently available also make it possible to conduct many works related to the construction of a brick house in winter, but this usually involves the use of chemicals, which increases costs and often gives worse results.

The reconstruction or extension of a wooden house is much less cumbersome than in the case of brick buildings. It is also easier to replace and expand internal installations without destroying the walls.

Despite the circulating opinions, a properly built wooden house is very durable and fearless of storms and strong winds. The wood used for its construction is properly selected, thanks to which it is resistant, flexible and ages slowly. Despite appearances, modern wooden houses are also fire-proof!


Od marzeń do realizacji - 5 niezbędnych kroków

  • Find the right plot.
  • Before the purchase, remember to check if it's right for the house you're dreaming of.
  • Check the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan or if it has not been made, request the determination of the development conditions.
  • In a sea of offers, it is difficult to opt for a specific company. Remember to check the manufacturer's credibility. Also, pay attention to what the price of the house offered includes. Sometimes a poor quality material or a lack of basic elements, e.g. installation, insulation or facade, is hidden behind the low price.
  • If you're on our website, you've come to the right place!
  • The project you'll decide on should fully meet your needs. We are happy to advise you at the selection stage. We are also open to modifications of our projects.
  • You can use a standard project from our offer, the process is simple and the documentation is ready within a few days.
  • You can come with your project, e.g. purchased on the Internet. We will adapt it to suit the technology we use.
  • You can design the house according to your own idea. Our designers will be happy to help you with this project.
  • The completed documentation should be submitted to the competent office. In the event of a notification, we must wait 21 days. The building permit should be issued within 65 days from the submission of the complete application.
  • It is on your side to provide utilities to the plot and prepare the appropriate foundations (footing or slabs).
  • In our factory, we will manufacture the appropriate house modules and bring them to your plot within the specified period. The assembly will take from one to several days depending on the selected project.