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Up to 70m2


For our Customers, we have prepared projects of modular energy-efficient houses for various purposes. Here you will find some ideas for (all-year) modular single-family and holiday houses. Each of them can be adjusted to individual preferences of the Investor, which is why WESTATRE services are used not only by private individuals, but also by owners of holiday resorts. A lot of available diagrams have been adapted to the possibility of building a house without a building permit.


Our projects combine modern original design with exceptional functionality. In addition to high-quality wood, we use durable thermal insulation materials to manufacture individual elements of the structure. Thanks to this, each house is not only energy-efficient, but also (with the use of appropriate technologies and at the Investor’s request) passive. It is a perfect combination of comfortable spaces with economic and eco-friendly energy management. Each of the modular structures can be adapted to the requirements and vision of the Customer — this applies to both the quantity and functionality of the rooms.


The modern appearance of the building facade is one of the advantages of our projects. Among them, you will find houses in an interesting barn style desired by Customers around the world, as well as simple geometric structures with the shape referring to container buildings. Each modular house from the WESTATRE offer is characterised by large glazing, providing more light in all rooms and eye-catching design in line with the latest trends. This type of investment glazing allows for the construction of additional terraces according to the Customer’s request.

In addition to ready-made projects, we also implement our Customers’ own ideas. We make every effort to ensure that the house built with our help meets all the expectations of the Contractors. Please contact us!


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  • up to 70m2


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